Etymotic EVO – What We Know So Far

On 1 Jan 2021, Etymotic announced they will be releasing a new multi-driver earphone, a first for them. Here is what we know so far about it.

  • It’s a 2-way, 3 BA driver configuration (2 for bass and 1 for mid/high).
  • It’s voiced more like the XR series and will have around a 5dB bass-boost with the corner frequency at 100Hz or lower (which is lower than the ER2XR)
  • It’s been in development for 2 years and has a custom stainless steel PVD-coated housing that utilizes the Estron T2 connector system and will ship with an Estron BaX cable.
  • It will be blue in color and come with the familiar combination of 2-flange, 3-flange and foam tips.
  • It will have the green damper in the nozzle.
  • It doesn’t have an ambient filter and is an isolating IEM design like the other Etys.
  • It won’t have the channel-matching compliance graph which is exclusive to ER4.
  • According to their social media posts, it’s supposed to be “designed for supreme accuracy and ultimate durability” and it’s “sound signature takes the ER4 to the next level with less canal resonance, increased sound stage and a faster response.”
  • As per Blake Gaiser, Director of Consumer Audio at Lucid, “The soundstage is wider, responsiveness is faster, clarity is better and ergonomics are more comfortable.”
  • On the new connector, Blake Gaiser, Director of Consumer Audio at Lucid, said “(MMCX) was never the right connector for earphones. Excited to share this new connector and we’re definitely looking at balanced variances.”
  • EtyMotion will have a version with the T2 connector that will work with EVO.
  • It won’t be priced under ER4, so price will be $300 or more.
  • Will realistically release in May.
  • You can register to get notified when it becomes available on the official EVO product page.

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