Sony MDR-EX800ST/MDR7550 – Brief Encounter

Thanks to someone from the Indian Audiophile community, I got to try the Sony MDR-EX800ST/MDR7550 for about 20 min and really loved them.

Here are my quick and dirty notes:

  • Treble was rolled off and I was missing some treble detail.
  • Bass was slower compared to my ER2XR (couldn’t A/B) but in general the bass (had punch but didn’t sound boomy) and especially the sub-bass was such a treat.
  • The sense of space, air and the natural timbre gave me goosebumps on some songs.
  • The cable wouldn’t sit on my ear (twists away from the ear) but it didn’t affect the fit as much and overall the fit was not bad.

Blon BL-03 vs. Sony MH755 – Initial Impressions

  • BLON03 is more efficient than MH755
  • I experience driver flex on both of them
  • I get slightly better isolation on MH755
  • BLON03 is more brighter than MH755
  • MH755 has more sub-bass/rumble and feels more viseral
  • BLON03 is more punchy/boomy than MH755 and sounds more “fun”
  • Bass is slightly faster on MH755
  • Vocals sound slightly veiled on MH755
  • String instruments, high hats and cymbals sound more natural and have more detail on MH755